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Previous authors have posted an article about Beware Heart Takes present author will present the article entitled Learning Honestly Of Muhammad

" O ye who believe , fear Allah , and you shall be with people honest . " ( At- Tawbah : 119 ) .

The Arabs before Islam is a nation that values ​​blind , blind to the integrity , character and blind to blind to religious norms . Although many of those who claim to be followers of Prophet Ibrahim .

But in day-to- day reality , they did not practice his teachings . In essence , the Arabs before Islam , its civilization is a society that is low or ignorant society .

Then Allah sent Muhammad. to straighten and provide moral guidance to them or give enlightenment Ruhiyah . He said : "I sent ( God ) to enhance good manners . " ( Narrated by Ahmad ) .

Muhammad, did have the mental attitude and noble character . Nobility of his character is reflected in all aspects of life . Love for the people he leads showed genuine affection indiscriminately .

When he received ridicule , insults , challenges , threats and boycotts of Quraish , he was never angry let alone hate them . Even he mendo'akan them to be forgiven by God . To that end , he praised God through His word , " And verily thou truly great virtuous character . " ( Al - Qalam : 4 ) .

Muhammad honesty .
Prophet Muhammad . since childhood has had a good temperament . Although Watsaniyah or idolatrous customs was almost evenly across the Arab world at the time , but have not been at all worship idols , and never eat the meat of animals slaughtered for sacrifice to intentionally idols .

He hated idols , and always try to keep away from all forms of ceremonial worship of the idols earlier . Likewise none of his family diatara pagan .

Since childhood, when life in the midst of Bani Sa'd , the Prophet Muhammad has been known as an honest man . Comrades and their peers are more mature doted . Such behavior continued until he stepped on the retention of adolescence and adulthood , even when he had become leader of Mankind very great .

At that time , there was no iota of deeds and reprehensible behavior . In stark contrast to the behavior of young men and most residents of the city of Mecca , especially among the nobles , who likes berpoya - Poya and drunkenness . Because so honest in word and deed , then as a teenager , he was given the title of " Al - Amin " or trustworthy person .

Glyn Leonard , in his book Islam and Spiritual Hermoral Valve (1972 : 20-21 ) says , " Mohammed one of the greates man that humanity has ever produced . Great not simply as a prophet , but he was true to himself , his people and above all to his God " ( Muhammad is one of the great men who are born to humanity . exalted him not as a prophet , but he was true to himself , true to human beings and especially , on his Lord ( Allah ) .

Michael H Hart , an American historian , after extensive research through then without hesitation put Muhammad's number one above the other figures in the world .

Glyn Leonard and Michael H Hart , agreed that the majesty of the Prophet Muhammad . because of extraordinary moral influence . True to himself , true to human and moreover , Muhammad Nya.Kita honest to God - conscious , that man just may be able to humanize himself, when he was able to do what is right in his conscience or his conscience . So if we still deserve to humanize us in spirit , if not in the least feel guilty when betrayed or dishonest to yourself , or indeed as predicted Allah , that one day many human inhabitants of hell are more despicable than animals ? Those who have turned a blind eye , ears and conscience of honesty ( Surat al - A'raf : 179 ) .
Honesty fruit
An honest Muslim , would love honesty spiritual and physical . Both in perkatan and actions. Because he believes that honesty will lead him in the direction of virtue , and virtue will guide him in the direction of heaven . While lying is the opposite . Rasulullah SAW said : " You shall always be honest . Because honesty guiding the direction of virtue , and virtue to guide the direction of heaven . Someone incessantly Nothing to do honest and sincere honesty in doing so he is written with Allah as people . And avoid false deeds . because lies lead toward ugliness , and ugliness guiding towards hell . someone There was no rest do lie and sincere in doing so he had written lies with Allah as a liar . " ( Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim ) .

According to Sheikh Abu Bakr Al - Jazairy , in his book Muslim Minhaajul ( 2002:141-142 ) , there are at least four or benefit to be gained people are always honest . First , inner spaciousness and peace of mind . Soul and mind are two things that modnya berupakan always depend on our lahiriyah behavior . If the things we do always hear honesty dhomir ( inner ) , then God willing, we will get ease in mind and soul , except those who already do not have dhomir . Second , in trying blessing and increasing goodness . Of course, every individual wants to treasure and all the blessings he has . In that sense , even if a bit but can be useful for the benefit of people and add taqorrub us to God .

This includes buying and selling issues that should always be based on honesty . Prophet Muhammad . said : " The seller and the buyer is allowed khiyar ( continue or cancel the sale and purchase ) while not yet separated . If both act honestly and explain the actual situation merchandise , then selling it to bring blessing . And if one of them holding something or cheating , may be he greater benefit , but the sale does not bring blessing . because perjury to accelerate his or her merchandise , but omitting the blessing of buying and selling . " ( Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim ) . Third , kemenagan same rank with the martyrs . God will reward those who honest - either when alone or in combination with a truly prestigious victory , which is equal to the martyrs . Syubhanallah . Fourth , survivor of something that is not liked / hated . Once there was a fugitive who requested protection to a pious . Then the fugitive said , " Hide me from orong who are looking for me . " Then the pious man said to him , "Go to sleep here " , pointing to a pond . When people are looking for the fugitive had come and asked him , then the pious man said , " This is it in the Qolam . " And they thought had mocked him , they then berlalulah . The fugitive escaped thanks to the honesty of a pious .

Lately , honesty seems to have will be expensive and rare items to be extinct . But it deserves appreciation , we - both government and Musi Rawas - Lubuklinggau have done some kind of injections to always be honest . Namely , by putting some sort of Baleho and himbawan in every government office . Followed by the application of some honesty canteens in schools , from the elementary, middle and SMA.Tentu this is a step forward .

Maybe it's good , sometimes we remember and understand more the meaning of ihsan said at the Prophet Muhammad : " You shall worship seemed to see God , and if you do not see it , then know that Allah see you " ( Narrated by Muslim ) .

However , if you still do not to be honest , still want to be bribed or bribing , ah ......... then where is God ? .

The author is Lecturer in Islamic High School Al - Azhaar ( STAIA ) Lubuklinggau . The paper has been published in the media and Musirawas Friday Date 19 June 20 2009 2009

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